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Court Reporting is a demanding profession requiring a complete focus on keeping your court reporters and attorneys happy while make your business thrive.  Done right, you'll all win.  If you try to do too much or are not using the best office management or marketing solutions you will be running full speed everyday with less to show for it than you should be seeing.  Stop.  Look.  Enjoy.  There are solutions out there to allow you to keep up with the major court reporting firms without spending millions building your own software.  Manage your office, email and fax confirmations and reports, tracking, payroll, billing, and file repository software in one place is possible.

Acclaim Legal Services, Inc. offers innovative court reporting firm software solutions to run your business, manage your court reporters schedule and payroll, and market to and invoice your attorneys.  Acclaim Legal has become a leader in the legal industry because they listen to their clients' needs... and respond with solutions that exceed their expectations.

Could you jump in and use your current deposition scheduling or billing software if part of your team left? Using Acclaim Solaria you'll have an intuitive Windows application to manage your entire office. No longer will you have multiple applications across your office for deposition calendar, reporter assignment, attorney billing, and job tracking. Acclaim Solaria was born from the needs of some of the premier court reporting firms in the nation. It's a complete solution for your reporting firm management and day-to-day operational needs.

Using Acclaim DepoManage, the secure web-based deposition transcript and exhibit file repository, your office is now open 24 x 7. Easily push information from Acclaim Solaria to DepoManage to show your deposition schedule, attorney calendar, deposition witness files, and reporter assignments and witness transcripts.  Give your attorneys secure web deposition scheduling and access to their depositions or medical records files. Your court reporters are able to securely view their jobs, download notices or spelling sheets, check-in jobs, and turn-in their transcripts and worksheets. All without exposing your sensitive internal data to the internet like other scheduling tools.

Acclaim Legal works with the premier reporting firms in the nation to help them stay on top of their business, ahead of their competition, and beyond their clients' expectations. Maybe it's time you looked at our solutions to see if you are ready to upgrade.  You can usually upgrade from the outdated systems out there like stenaccount, acculaw, reporterbase, analyzer, and wisetrack and accounting or Outlook contacts as well.  We are here to make srue you get up and running quickly and see an immediate return on your investment.

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